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                         I Want To Enroll More Students In My School!  I want to take the first step in my 30 Day journey with Admissions Expert Lex Filipowski and The Art of Admissions' "Advanced Enrollment Training" to set on auto-pilot my ability to qualify interested prospects, get them into my school for a tour, and enroll them for steady revenue.  Here's what I'm going to receive and experience by signing up now:
You'll Learn The Most Effective Admissions Processes On The Planet Including:
  The Secrets To Creating More Appointments and More Appointments Who Show for their Tours
  How To Give Exceptionally Effective and Inspirational Tours That Will Result In More People Applying To Your School
  A Step-by-Step Breakdown on How to Turn Your Front Desk Staff Into Highly Effective Directors of First Impressions
  Discovering the Inner Purpose of What You Do to Become an Admissions Expert
  How to Build An Authentic and Deep Relationship with Your Prospective Students
  The Templates, Scripts, and Checklists Used by the Most Successful Schools In The U.S.
Learn the secrets of Admissions directly from Admissions Expert Lex Filipowski, who for over a decade has been helping clients find out how to qualify and enroll more students to keep EVERY CLASS FULL. Whether you operate in a small town, a mid-market, or a big city, Lex will show you EXACTLY what skills he uses to generate interest, book tours, and enroll new students. He walks you through his system step-by-step.

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Here's what I'll receive by joining:
30 Day Note Basics Training
Learn the fundamentals of the Note Investing World with this 30 Day Note Training.  You won't find a better teacher or a better book out there that can bring you up to speed on the note market:
The ESSENTIALS to Evaluating Good Note Deals & Opportunities When You See Them
The ESSENTIALS of Contacting Banks &  Forging Relationships with Lenders
Go from Note Nothing to Closing Your First Note Deal by the Time You Finish Training
30 Day Note Marketing Training
 Turn Your Unique Perspective into Your Unique Selling Proposition.  Marketing is about taking your personal efforts and gaining public support... Support you can leverage into greater Note Success:
The COMPLETE Overview of Different Marketing Channels to Pursue
Maximize Your Reach While Minimizing Your Time & Money
PRO LEVEL Tricks to Effective Blogging
30 Day Private Money Raising Training
The ONE Thing Every Great Note Investor Needs More Of - MONEY.  Finding and flipping deals becomes easy after a little experience.  Now, you must Raise Money to Raise Your Game:
Identify Your Best Investors - There's More Than You Think!
Break the Ice
The Professional Way to Ask For Money
Write a Great Contract that Shares the Risk
Get the Signature & Close the Deal
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Regular Price $399
Regular Price $599
Post Tour Follow Up Best Practices
So many would-be students are lost after the tour because a follow-up plan was never made.  Or worse, a pushy plan is used that turns OFF any students that could have enrolled with the right follow up.  Lex will show you the key aspects to post-tour follow up communications:
Establish a  Post-Tour "Communication Agreement" with the prospect before your tour even ends
Use an Application Checklist to Make Sure Every Important Point Gets Discussed
Know What Follow-Up To Do After Enrollment To Ensure The New Students STARTS
Fun Tips for Increasing Enrollments
 It's the little things that make the difference when you are competing with nearby schools.  A better phone experience, a more personalized touch, a simple gesture can make a lasting impact on your new enrollments.  Get some of Lex's best tips to add to your toolbox:
Leave a Voicemail Message that Motivates and Leaves an Impression
Change a Few Key Words to Tip a Conversation from Stuffy to Friendly
Focus Conversations on What Really Matters to a Prospect Instead of What You Think Makes Your School Sound Great
Learn the Right Balance Between TALKING and LISTENING to Prospectful Students
Regular Price $197
Regular Price $249
By accepting this offer, I understand that after 60 days my Note Buying Blueprint Membership will automatically continue and my credit card will be billed the lowest rate of $59.97 per month.  Please use the payment information below to cover my monthly subscription.

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